Design Refresh

What is it about?


The world and the company have evolved and so should our A1 Brand Design. In a time where communication and interaction with our customers happens increasingly via digital channels the A1 Brand Design needs to grow in this perspective. 

We started 2021 a process to develop a flexible consistent design system for all needs. The main areas we worked on were: 

Scaling the A1 Logo
Enabling identification of the A1 logo across the entire user journey.

The role of red

Extending the use of red and the impacts on the definition of the color palette.

Designing for flexibility

Building the flexibility into the A1 brand for it to respond to its various communication needs in all Opcos.

The re-fresh aims to introduce, and transport new design ideas and concepts which could be applied across various media, channels and products. The re-fresh is a source of inspiration more than a strict set of guidelines. Let’s get inspired! 


All A1 Logos have been optimised to work more harmoniously with the design elements and in all channels, offline and online. The logos are all freed of their white box and the Red A has been optimised for digital use. The new options for logo landscapes offer a wide range of creative solutions and designs to make A1 stand out even more. 


One of the main topics of the re-fresh is opening up the colour palette available for all types of implementations. We see more shades of Red, new secondary colours and the usage of gradients. We also introduce some ideas to work with transparency and opacity to come to different hierarchies and levels in the designs. 

Icons and Illustrations

We optimised functional icons for digital use and introduced illustrative icons to support the communication of concepts and various types of content. We also tackled the topic of illustrations and illustration styles. We want to be bold, distinctive and clear, but also offer options for easy and efficient implementation where needed. 


We have created 5 photographic categories, each fulfils a specific purpose. All of our photographs can be used not only with our typography and disruptors, but also for our logo landscapes. Ensure when choosing photography it is also done in a thoughtful and purposeful manner, it should always tell a concrete story and emphasise the message we are trying to promote.


Typography is integral to our identity, it’s how we visually present the voice of A1. It’s how customers navigate through our communications. In order to cover all fields, we use typography functional as well as expressive. Don’t underestimate the power of a great message beautifully set in our typeface, sometimes that is all you need.