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Strong contribution of A1 Austria.

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A1 Austria

The Group’s largest company.

A1 Austria.

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Revenues and EBITDA for the fiscal year 2019; reported (IFRS 16)

Significant economic impact in Austria.

Gross value added1) 


2.36 billion Euro


Each 143rd Euro generated


55% of total providers2)

1)  Total of ongoing operations

2)  Austrian telecommunications core industry

3)  Telecommunications industry along total value chain

Effect on employment


19,000 jobs created or secured respectively


56% of total providers2)


More than 1,700 jobs/persons by year indirectly through investments


Approx. 1.4 times of gross value added per capita compared to other business players3)

Total fiscal impact


Nearly 1 billion Euro by taxes and fees

“Each million invested by A1 in Austria generates a gross value add of 500,000 Euro and 7 new jobs.”

Award-winning infrastructure  

The backbone of Austria’s digitalization.

Broadband expansion

  • A1 fiber optic network – access point in 92 % of all municipalities

  • 55,000 km A1 fiber network

  • Around € 450 million per year invested in Austria’s infrastructure

  • Intelligent combination of fixed network, mobile & hybrid


  • A1 5Giganet combines the fastest 5G technology with the largest fiber network

  • 350 5G mobile sites: by far the largest 5G network in Austria

  • 5G + Fiber = ultra high-speed Internet for rural areas

  • Turbo for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Data center

  • Largest operator of data centers in Austria: 12,000 square meters
  • IT infrastructure in Austria and secure cloud-based software

Promotion of a start-up mentality and entrepreneurial spirit.

Examples of success for Open Innovation activities.

Start Up Cooperations

“A1 Start Up Campus” since 2011


Format for the promotion of employee ideas.


Innovative approaches to topics such as Security Services, Big Data etc.