Facts & Figures

The A1 Group at a glance.

Financial year 2019, reported (IFRS 16); figures in EUR/FTE

Leading telecommunications provider in CEE.

América Móvil and ÖBAG: two strong core shareholders.

Around 25 million customers in 7 core markets.

A1 Digital: digital transformation in the core markets as well as in Germany and Switzerland.


A1 Austria: around 60% of the Group’s total revenues.

Well positioned in CEE.

The structure of the A1 Group.

Development of Telekom Austria share price.

Continuous outperformance of the telecommunications sector.

Telekom Austria share (TKA)

Austrian Traded Index (ATX)

Stoxx Europe Telecommunications Index (Telco Stoxx)

Performance since 20161:

Performance 1st Quarter 20201:

Dividend for the financial year 20192): EURc 23

1) as of March 31, 2020

2) Proposal to the Annual General Meeting 2020

A1 Austria.

The Group’s largest company.

Mobile communication customers and RGUs by segment

in ‘000 / as of December 31, 2019



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