Business & Private solutions

Business & Private solutions

A1 for Business Customers.

Security as a central issue for any scale of business.

A1 Cyberrange


  • “Flight simulator” for security specialists

  • Detection, analysis and defence against cyber attacks

  • Trainings for the protection of critical infrastructure

Security Operations Center

  • Security at the push of a button and at fixed costs

  • Combines state-of-the-art technologies and expert knowledge

Security Monitoring for SMEs: Offensity

  • Automated defense of the IT infrastructure
  • Ongoing scans and concrete recommendations for action in case of threat
  • In-house developed solution in the course of the Intrapreneurship Program

A1 for Business Customers in Austria.

Leading in innovation solutions for Austria’s economy.

Freight cars are becoming smart

  • Telematics sensors in 13,700 freight cars
  • Data processing in the cloud for Big Data/Analytics
  • Efficient operations, optimized maintenance, new customer services

Intelligent fleet management

  • Asset tracking via GPS positioning and sensor technology for vehicles and machines

  • Real-time data transmission via M2M communication

  • Anti-theft protection, efficient management of the machine park, reduced maintenance costs

Take off in the network of the future

  • First Pre-5G Campus Network in Austria

  • Highest performance and security through Network Slicing

  • On-site virtual edge computing platform for short latency

  • Security for all critical IT and mobile communications applications at the airport

A1 for Residential Customers.

Entertainment and smart living as digital worlds of life.


  • A1 Xplore Music and A1 Xplore TV: streaming and on-demand solutions to address changing media consumption

  • Platform for Austrian content for smartphone and TV

1) OTT (over-the-top) refers to the transmission of video and audio content via internet access from any provider

Relevant Content

  • Exclusive sports content in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia and Belarus

  • Own productions: exclusive content for

  • A1 eSports League

Smart Living

  • Smart Home all-in-one solutions with focus on security and convenience
  • Networked gadgets such as Kids Watch and Pet Tracker
  • Smart Car solution for more safety and comfort when driving

Filippi Pavlina Ivanova

Group Commercial Coordination

+43 664 66 33931

Personal Business Info:
Telco Generalist, Project Manager, Agile Coach, Worked in Sales, Process Depart, Project Offices (Lead) in A1 Companies. Currenly in Group Commercial Area, Group Commercial Coordination


Info on current business topics: One A1 Self-care App – implementation of commonly designed and technically standardized (open API based) self-care application, currently live in A1 Belarus and Vip mobile, next countries to follow. Digital Assets Management – implementation and roll out of DAM Tool enabling further digitalisation of our Company also on the principal ‘One for many’+ local independanceDeveloping as Agile Coach and in such role supporting the GCA Team in finding its way into agile.


Personal private Info: The only language in A1 Group I still have no clue about is Slovenian. or..Started in the company in Bulgaria some time ago as cashier and was the first woman allowed to do night shifts. ?? haha Yes, we had a night cash collection office where the whole underground crowd of Sofia was paying their bills but of course I had a bodyguard (smile)