Business & Private solutions

Business & Private solutions

A1 for Business Customers.

Security as a central issue for any scale of business.

A1 Cyberrange


  • “Flight simulator” for security specialists

  • Detection, analysis and defence against cyber attacks

  • Trainings for the protection of critical infrastructure

Security Operations Center

  • Security at the push of a button and at fixed costs

  • Combines state-of-the-art technologies and expert knowledge

Security Monitoring for SMEs: Offensity

  • Automated defense of the IT infrastructure
  • Ongoing scans and concrete recommendations for action in case of threat
  • In-house developed solution in the course of the Intrapreneurship Program

A1 for Business Customers in Austria.

Leading in innovation solutions for Austria’s economy.

Freight cars are becoming smart

  • Telematics sensors in 13,700 freight cars
  • Data processing in the cloud for Big Data/Analytics
  • Efficient operations, optimized maintenance, new customer services

Intelligent fleet management

  • Asset tracking via GPS positioning and sensor technology for vehicles and machines

  • Real-time data transmission via M2M communication

  • Anti-theft protection, efficient management of the machine park, reduced maintenance costs

Take off in the network of the future

  • First Pre-5G Campus Network in Austria

  • Highest performance and security through Network Slicing

  • On-site virtual edge computing platform for short latency

  • Security for all critical IT and mobile communications applications at the airport

A1 for Residential Customers.

Entertainment and smart living as digital worlds of life.


  • A1 Xplore Music and A1 Xplore TV: streaming and on-demand solutions to address changing media consumption

  • Platform for Austrian content for smartphone and TV

1) OTT (over-the-top) refers to the transmission of video and audio content via internet access from any provider

Relevant Content

  • Exclusive sports content in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia and Belarus

  • Own productions: exclusive content for

  • A1 eSports League

Smart Living

  • Smart Home all-in-one solutions with focus on security and convenience
  • Networked gadgets such as Kids Watch and Pet Tracker
  • Smart Car solution for more safety and comfort when driving