Auxiliary design elements

Auxiliary design elements for use in campaign material are categorised into 5 areas; B2C Costumer Services, Product Features, Highlighting Features, Advice/Service/Bonus and Quality Seals.

B2C Customer services

This category represents customer-facing services or initiatives. The design consists of a box containing the A1 logo glyph with a typographic descriptor attached.

Product features

If highlighting product features, use relevant icons from our icon-set. Icons should appear in A1 Black or white, dependent on legibility.

To find out more about our icons.

Highlighting features

When a product feature requires specific attention, it can be highlighted using a hexagonal background shape or grouped with a text descriptor. In these situations, we call the resulting element a ‘badge’.

Multi-feature hive


If displaying multiple product feature badges together, they can be grouped into a linked construction called a ‘hive’. 

Quality seals

These elements represent a characteristic, property or attribute relating to an A1 product, service or entity.

A1 Xplore

This symbol is used to identify products and services for the Xplore category within the communications.


If a campaign initiative will have a sufficient lifespan, an Advice/Service/Bonus badge can be created. This identifier has two parts: the hexagon with icon and the typographic description.

Colour versions

Auxiliary design elements can be coloured in Hot Red and Heavy Grey and Blue.

Check out our Brand Guidelines!