Design Styles

There are two styles of advertising communication in the A1 system.

Style 1
Lifestyle advertising

Style 2
Product focused hard-sell advertising
with logo texture border

There is also a combination of the two styles permitting products to be placed into Style 1 advertising.

Style 1 Hybrid
Lifestyle environment with product

Design elements

There are generally four design components for each communication layout.

1. Photography / Texture
In Style 1 the image serves as a backdrop to the other elements. In Style 2 the logo texture serves as a border for the advert. 

2. Headline and sub-heading
The headline and sub-heading work as a unit and are never separated.

3. Information & design elements
Body text, price, URL, icons, auxiliary design elements and Key visuals like ESG logos and Diversity logo.

5. Logo
The logo can, depending on the layout, be placed in any corner.

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