The disruptors are used to highlight special information, e.g. prices, offers and benefits.

The shape of the disruptor is aligned to the 6.5º base angle of the ‘A’ logo. The disruptor is a symmetrical shape, meaning it can expand, contract and be flipped in order to suit its content.

Disruptors may appear in solid A1 Red, A1 Black or A1 White. Disruptors containing prices may also be displayed using an outline, if required. Do not use borders or drop-shadows.


Two disruptors may be combined or ‘stacked’ to create a unified read from two separate units.

Example: Stacked disruptors could contain offers or benefits in one disruptor and a price in the second disruptor.

Outline version

Disruptors containing prices may be displayed using an outline – if required. Use a stroke weight of 5% of the total width. Outline disruptors are not to be used if a price is not contained within.

Outline disruptors can only be reproduced with a red border and black typography.