Image style

Photography makes communication by A1 engaging and relevant. Our image style is authentic, natural and lively. It is a clear expression of our brand’s values. It is simple and it is close to the customer.

We have four imagery distinctions

1. Lifestyle/Campaign
2. Product
3. Hybrid
4. Illustration

1. Campaign images

In the A1 image world, the roles played by people, space and light are almost of equal importance. People are shown in spacious interiors, beautiful landscapes and exciting urban environments.

The styling is in line with the premium claim of A1.

Our models do not wear “off-the-peg” items, but rather smart outfits that are in line with the Zeitgeist and appropriate to their respective stage in life. Premium does not mean Haute Couture, but simply premium quality. This applies as much to the depiction of a teenager skateboarding as it does to a middle-aged CEO in a meeting.

Image colour & atmosphere

We use striking colour and we play with contrasts. The atmosphere of  the images captures our attention. As viewers, we sense the season, the weather, the temperature, etc. The images makes us want to  become part of the composition ourselves.

Our cast is made up of attractive, natural people. They exude a sense of optimism and lust for life and have dynamic, modern lifestyles.


In focus

The respective focus in the image should be selected with care. The image should always create a feeling of suspense between the focal area and its surroundings.

The focus of the image is always only directed at one area.

Youth in motion

We tell realistic, everyday stories that are believable, but also dynamic and exciting. The focus is on the action.

Youth image style definition:

  • Focus on the individual or individuals
  • Personality matters
  • Shallow depth of field (in and out of focus)
  • Naturally shot, not in a studio
  • Energy, action and movement

2. Product imagery

Hardware is displayed on a white background. Mobile and smartphone images are – unless otherwise stipulated by the manufacturer (e.g. Apple) – shown without shadows or reflections.

You may use the dynamic or static style for advertising and brochure covers. It is recommended to use only the static style for brochure spreads where multiple handsets are displayed at once.

3. Hybrid imagery

Products and hardware may also be integrated into full-bleed imagery — using a Style 1 grid.

Hybrid images should follow the general guidelines for Lifestyle/Campaign imagery ensuring a shallow depth-of-field, natural lighting and a singular focus area. These images should show the product in use or within a compositional environment.

4. Illustration

Our illustration style is discreet and simple. Illustrations can represent landscapes, architecture and everyday situations in abstract form.

They present our locations in a modern and exciting light. They combine tradition and modernity.

Our landscape illustrations create a localised element in the A1 system.

Have a look at our collection of images and illustrations!