Welcome to our Brand Strategy.

Our Mission: Empowering Digital Life

A1 becomes international

With A1 going international, we write a little bit of company history. We need to make sure, that our brand develops in a strong and consistent way – to our customers and to our employees.

This is our clear objective with the brand. Everybody who is working with this brand plays an important role in achieving this success. Therefore, it is important that you know the brand, understand it and are inspired by it.

Empowering digital life.

Life in a digital age confronts us with complete new challenges. Digital technology offers fascinating new possibilities, enrich our daily life, but make it more complex as well.

Brands became even more important: they offer orientation, they create identity, transparency and simplicity. At each interaction and each touchpoint. A good end-to-end customer experience decides about sustainable success.

Building the brand across all customer interactions and touchpoints.
  • Core products and propositionsHow might brand inspire or impact core products and propositions?
  • CommunicationHow might brand inspire communication that delivers the brand promise rather than just announcing it?
  • Added value servicesHow might brand inspire or influence additional services to enhance the value around consumption or usage of the core offer?
  • Customer journey expierenceHow might brand inspire a smoother, more pleasant customer experience throughout the complete customer journey?
Our guiding principles

To execute our strategy we follow in the complete A1 Group our internal guiding principles in all activities. These are the guidelines to what we believe in and how we behave as A1.

  • Team
  • Trust
  • Agility

We are building a brand for the life in a digital age.

A brand for the life in a digital age has to excel in all areas of customer experience.

A brand for the digital age has to excel in all areas of customer experience.
  • Services and platforms
  • Customer service
  • Internally
  • Stories
  • Channels
  • Propositions

Connectivity, Solutions & Experience

The brand pillars are the areas of focus for excellence and innovation.These are the fundaments for our brand promise.

1. Connecting people, places and things

In the age of connected everything, people, objects and places we strive to redefine the meaning of connectedness to shape an ever evolving world of possibilities and experiences.

Constant work on our infrastructure, on our network, with the new entertainment services, connectivity and smart technology we ensure the best customer experience.

2. Solutions that enrich life in the digital age

We are committed to delivering meaningful solutions that meet the current and emerging needs of our customers so they can experience work, play, creating, and sharing in a more connected way, on their own terms.

We want to excel in on-demand entertainment at home, integrated business solutions and useful platforms in all customer segments.

3. Delivering a total customer experience

The end-to-end customer experience is a journey where we strive to deliver service and user experience excellence in all interactions. We are committed to using our knowledge to anticipate customers’ needs, facilitate interactions while eliminating pain points and complexity.

With the best customer service from search to purchase, form installation to activation, in each single interaction – online and offline – we make this happen.

Our three brand pillars are:
  • Connecting people, places and things
  • Solution that enrich life in the digital age
  • Delivering a total customer experience

We enrich the digital life of our customers

This is our brand promise and we have to deliver it to our customers.

Connecting people, places and things to enrich the experience of work, life and play.

From Tariff plans and bundles to ideas, games, entertainment. From solutions for a smart home to M2M and cloud solutions for your business.

Connecting people, places and things to enrich the experience of work, life and play.

Productivity tools, Connected workforce, Collaboration resources, ICT solutions , Data and information security, Support, inspiration and ideas through content.

Connecting people, places and things to enrich the experience of work, life and play.

Entertainment and content, Personal productivity and life management tools, Learning platforms, e-Gaming just for fun, Health and wellness platforms.

Our brand character

How we want to be perceived by customers and society?

Forward looking

We are curious about people, the world and technologies to move us all forward. We aim to be a step ahead. We are aiming for thought leadership.


We care for our customers. We are observant and perceptive about needs and expectations to deliver additional benefits through meaningful innovation. So we get desirable.

Full of Life

We live in times, full of potential and possibility. We convey a positive spirit, a contagious energy and a refreshing ‘can do’ approach to life, work and play. We are energetic.


As our services become a more indispensable part of life, we strive to be someone who our customers can trust and confidently rely on to deliver what we promise.

This is how we want to be perceived by customers and society.
  • Forward looking
  • Attentive
  • Full of life
  • Reliable

Our brand tonality

How does the A1 Brand sound and speak? The way we talk and write, what we say and how do we say it.


Few foreign words, adjectives and superlatives. The use of technical jargon is minimised as far as possible. We speak and write precisely, as clearly as possible and consistently. We always use the active form and are concise as possible.


Even complex content can be explained simply and specifically to each target group. Well-chosen examples and metaphors can help in this context. Better to use a diagram than numbers, better to use a picture than a thousand words. Don‘t be afraid to use direct, concise sentences. At the same time, avoid sounding banal.


We stand by what we say, but without being arrogant or appearing as „know-alls“. We stand in a poised fashion by our promises. Being authentic also means not hiding our Austrian personality.


A1 can achieve incredible things. Consequently, we can cater to the individual wishes of our customers. In so doing, we focus on clarity and develop innovations that are comprehensible for customers.


We are charming, empathetic and therefore communicated on a personal level. Proximity to customers is always foremost in our minds. The objective of our communication is to inspire them and to provide them with a never-ending stream of positive surprises.

This is how the brand sounds:
  • Clear
  • Unambiguous
  • Competent
  • Authentic
  • Personal

Our brand essence

This is our central brand idea. It is the unifying thought for our customers, partners and you, the team.

Shape the experience
YOU want to live.

  • Experience is the new luxury, surpassing ownership as an aspiration.
  • Digitalization has simply enabled us to experience more, online and offline.
  • Customers want and do experience work, play, creating, and sharing in a more connected way, on their own terms.
  • Experience is memorable and it’s what people talk about.

Our Brand Design

Our design system reflects the dimensionality
of life in the digital age.

Six basic elements to provide a unique "look and feel" across all A1 communication.
  • Logo system
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Image style
  • Design Principles
  • Sound and Motion
Our brand - distinctive and playful

Read more and browse through the A1 Design System to better Understand our Design.

The Local Strategies

The local brand strategies are only available for A1 employees.

Welcome to our great brand. Only together we can make it a success!