Welcome to A1 Bulgaria!

Dear colleague,

It is my honor to present you the brand and the company.

In the following pages you will discover that our ambition is to establish our leadership on the market by capturing the opportunities of the digitalization in favor of our customers. This means to provide our customers with access to the latest technologies, to make these helpful for them, and to give our customers the freedom to use the technologies the way they want to.

Here you will find out what makes us different and better from the rest – those are the promises we give to our customers and keep in our daily job. Namely, guaranteed quality of our network, peace of mind, loyalty, and convenience in every contact with us.

You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the diversity and flexibility of our logo, what does it mean, what is the message it conveys, and how does it fit into the different situations in the life of our customers and the society.

You will also find out what is our way of working, of the people behind all this – behind the A1 brand. What are the rules that we have set for ourselves and that we follow, what is our own charter for team and professional behavior.

Yet, all of this is just a framework and a direction. I believe you will be able to experience the rest every day.

As an employee of A1 Bulgaria you can count on the support of a strong international team of professionals who keep up to the same high standards. The opportunity to communicate freely with everyone in A1 Group and to exchange knowledge and experience with experts in many different areas.

With us you have access to leading technologies and innovations, to modern learning and self-development tools, as well as to numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. And you have the power to shape the processes and the systems to make them useful for your work and for the customers.

In our team you receive respect, recognition, various benefits, and attractive remuneration for your efforts and for your exceptional results. As well as flexible working time and a work environment focused on the health, the comfort, and the satisfaction of the employees.

Because you are an important part of this team. I and the colleagues count on you, on your knowledge and skills, on your energy and positive attitude, on your engagement and motivation to make A1 the leader on the Bulgarian telecom market. I believe that together we can be extremely successful and create a bright future for ourselves and for our customers.

Thank you for being with us!


Alexander Dimitrov
Chief Executive Officer
A1 Bulgaria


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