Sound is amongst the most powerful and striking design elements of the A1 brand. Sounds supplement the visual elements and contribute to the overall ‘brand experience’. This gives the brand an audible signature.

Sound logo

We have a modular soundlogo system which allows us to fit to the aesthetic in all our communication assets.

Sound logo bundle

The soundlogo exists as 12 different audio-file versions for all 12 musical keys.


The idea is to make the soundlogo aligned with the song that is playing in the spot beforehand.

User Interface / Alarm Sounds

To cover the overall demand for digital interfaces also from an auditory perspective A1 has unique UI-Sounds (user interface sounds) that help support the user experience on a product level.


Click: Sound that supports the haptic input

OK: Affirmation sound that says „all good, good to go…“

Play: Sound for play function

Pause: Sound for pause function

Record: Sound for record function

Attention Loop: This sounds shifts the attention of the user to the interface after idle input, when input needed.

Menu In: Sound for going into a menu and out of it

Menu Out: Sound for going into a menu and out of it

Error: Something went wrong

Critical: state that needs immediate user attention

Exit / Bye: Sound that is an acoustic good bye.

Brand music

Music is supposed to contribute to the brand values and the positioning of A1.

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