Why are we diversifying?

The existing banking licence, an existing structure and working business processes
The ability to leverage on the significant existing customer base
The capability to combine different services to offer advanced client management and bundled services
„Given“ trust due to known reliability of the brand and ist manifestation in branches and people
Greater reach due to higher mobile and internet penetration compared to banking, especially in emerging markets

What defines A1 and does it mean for A1 Bank.

digital life

Power source for everyday living


Designed for … people Ease, convenience, lifestyle

Turning technology into experience

Next generation banking

Connectivity +

Foundation, the basis for trust

Basic Brand Model.

A1 Bank Purpose

The reason you exist (beyond making money)

Smarter everyday banking.

A1 Bank Vision

Shared picture of mission success for the next years

International expansion of A1 Bank in all A1 EU Countries

A1 Bank Mission

Master plan for creating value in the next few years

Customer journey focused smart solutions to empower financial life

A1 Bank Values

What do you belief in


We are conscious of our impact on the environment and society, and act in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible.


Customers need to know that their money and personal information are safe and secure with the bank.


Banks should be accessible to all customers, regardless of their background or financial situation.


Customers expect banks to be dependable and consistent in their services, as providing reliable access to accounts and transactions.

A1 Bank Brand Essence



A1 Bank Brand Essence

Voice – tone

on eyehight

A1 Bank Brand Positioning

Summary of the brand in relation to competition and consumers mind

With smart solutions A1 Bank empowers the financial life of individuals by providing easy access to secure, affordable, and innovative services.

Understand, explore and create

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